Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sixteen Going on Seventeen

some thoughts from the days leading up to my seventeenth birthday


three more days.

in three days, i'm seventeen.

it's a weird thing to think about. i still remember last summer so vividly. i was super wrapped up in planning the blog's two year anniversary. i was excited to turn sixteen and spent ages attempting to figure out a party only to realize that i really hate parties and do absolutely nothing, haha, which was what i preferred. and on my birthday i curled my hair and got balloons and we ate cheesecake and my grandmother gave me roses and it was all wonderful.

the past year has been a whirlwind. i didn't know what to expect going into it, but it far surpassed anything i'd hoped. i spent seven months becoming a character, a dream role that i hadn't known existed. i had more spontaneous adventures than i think i've ever had, and was pushed out of my comfort zone more times than i could count. my prevailing word of sixteen would have to just be gratitude. i am so, so, so thankful for this year, in more ways than i can possibly express. i could spend days filling up pages with all of the blessings and memories from this year, and i think that that's one of the best things to be able to say when you're stepping away from a year. every year has different kinds of growth, but the years where you can say that joy was a prevailing emotion are the years you remember.

seventeen scares me a little. it's the last year before becoming a legal adult. it's my last year of high school. this time next year i'll be getting ready for college. that doesn't even feel real yet. there are so many exciting things that come with finishing high school, but at the same time it's such a bittersweet thing.

but that's a topic for another day.

i feel like with every year that passes, i become a little more like alexander hamilton, feeling like i need to do all the things, to write like i'm running out of time. and maybe that's a super morbid way to look at life, because after all, i'm only going to be seventeen, right? but nothing is guaranteed, so that little bit of hamilton in me gets the slightest bit more anxious with every passing year. there are so many things to do, and time passes so quickly.

maybe i just put too much pressure on myself when birthdays roll around. after all, they're just another day, another way to mark time. but they're milestones. and i want to be able to say that i've done something with the seventeen years that i've been here.

so i plan and i work and i try, in the hopes of doing something that matters.

i don't know what to expect from this next year. right's not looking to be the best year. but i know that that's a terrible way to go into things, so i'm attempting to have a bit more of a positive outlook. i've never been the best at positivity.

so here i am. sixteen going on seventeen, unsure of what to think of anything right now. but i do know a few things.

1. God is always good.

2. stories are forever my love.

3. it's just another year. it's going to be okay.

here's to you, seventeen. 


  1. It can be hard to turn seventeen. All this pressure to know what you want with your life and figuring out what happens the moment that seven turns to eight.
    I totally understand what you're going through. My advice to you is to enjoy the year. Take it slow and live in the moment. I spent too much time looking forward.
    I'm eighteen now and I can say that it feels like time starts to fly, but living in the moment helps. Another thing is to rely on God's plan.
    I'm not going to college. I'm taking a road less traveled because I'm not being led in the college direction. If God is leading you to college, then do it. If He isn't, then don't.

    I guess that was more than one piece of advice, lol. I can really sympathize with what you feel.
    God bless you! :D

  2. seventeen is a good age, but sixteen was the best XD ah, the growing up years #takemebackplease

  3. This was a great, insightful post. Your sixteenth year sounds like it was great, but I'm sure seventeen will be amazing in it's own way through struggles and triumphs. Have a good birthday! :)

  4. I love the musical references in here, Sound of Music and Hamilton in one post!

  5. Oh my gosh, all the feelings. I was so extremely terrified to turn 17 too, and now I'm turning 18 in a few months and I'm just really confused as to how that happened... But I pray your year is way more awesome than you could ever imagine!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOVE <33333

  6. I can relate SO MUCH.

    Happy birthday, Grace!! ♥

  7. I relate! I'm scared to turn SIXTEEN, for heaven's sake. I feel like the clock is ticking. 😩

    Happy early seventeenth birthday, Grace.


  8. I felt the same way when I turned 15.
    Hope you have fantastic year. <3<3

  9. Happy birthday, Grace Anne! I hope you have an amazing day, and year! You're blog always makes my day brighter, and I get excited every time I see that you've posted. You're sunshiney personality just makes the blogging world better, and I'm sure it will only get better as you get older.
    Enjoy your birthday!

  10. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, Grace Anne... happy birthday to you! :D

    Seriously though, I love this post, and happy birthday! :P

  11. Sixteen was probably my best year as well. Just remember that even if seventeen isn't as good as sixteen, you can still learn and grow from your experiences just as much.
    Happy birthday, Grace. <3

  12. I remember being right where you are now. Seventeen seems to be the forgotten age: after the thrill of sixteen (wild & free) and before the challenges of eighteen (voting & college & adulthood). But just calm your inner Hamilton and remember that every moment is a gift. You seem to have that down already anyway. <3

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAIRY GODDESS SQUAD CHILD :''''') I can relate to SO SO SO SO SO MUCH OF THIS POST WOW. Like especially the thing about time passing so quickly vs big dreams and big plans. I feel the same way so I JUST WANT TO CONQUER THE WORLD NOW WHY CAN'T I??? < but even more so, I want to help people and inspire people and do something good for this world. I was thinking about this a lot lately and I feel like God said to me, "hey. you are. you do. all the time." WHICH WAS REALLY SURPRISING TO ME HAHA. Because sometimes I feel like there's that one Grand Gesture™ that I will do for the world some other time some other place in the future. But there's also right now. And right now, my dear friend, you are brightening people's lives and inspiring them with your words and shining the light of Jesus SO BRIGHT. (I speak from personal experience, see. ;) YOU ARE A SUPERNOVA STAR AND WHATEVER YOU DO IN LIFE, IT WILL MAKE THE WORLD A MORE BEAUTIFUL PLACE.

    Not to ramble on lol but I just felt like I needed to tell you that. *HUGS FOREVER* BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME, GRACE ANNE. <3 LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

    rock on!

  14. I *just* turned seventeen very recently, so I FEEL you. this post was so so beautiful and put into words what I was thinking.

    also, "i feel like with every year that passes, i become a little more like alexander hamilton, feeling like i need to do all the things, to write like i'm running out of time." YESSSS

  15. I definitely can relate. As I approach turning a year older than you, it's scary. There is a lot of fear and anxiety but I know that God has really awesome plans for me if I let Him work through me.

  16. Happy birthday, Grace! It was nice to read your reflections, and I hope seventeen turns out to be even better than sixteen for you. xx

  17. aw, sweet post. Happy birthday! Love your three things to remember.


  18. You've got this whole 17 deal, girlfriend. You're gonna rock it and people are gonna be going "WHAT? You're only 17? You're sooo mature!" ;D Go you!
    (Oh. And now I have "I am sixteen going on seventeen" stuck in my head. xD Whydoyoudothistomeeeeee?? XD <3 <3)

  19. <3 I know the feeling! Best wishes to you!

  20. Seventeen is one of the best years! Honestly every year just gets better. But I understand how hard it is to balance hope and nostalgia and realism. Prayers for you, friend!

  21. Seventeen was a good year of growth for me. Your future looks so bright and I love your optimism!!

  22. love love love this post more than words can say <33 I just relate really hard (even though I'm not turning 17 yet :)) LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH <33

  23. Ok, so you're birthday is July 25th? That's so weird. Me and you share a birthday and I turned seventeen too!!!
    Anyways, Happy (belated) 17th Birthday!!! I hope you had a lovely day!!!

  24. Happy Belated Birthday Grace! It sounds like your special day went well; lowkey birthdays are the best! Don't stress about being 17 and embarking on your last year of high school. Here is a word of wisdom from a high school graduate: enjoy every little minute-from applying to colleges (even though it can be stressful & overwhelming) to going to prom- because it goes by fast! have fun and continue to make memories:)

  25. also I just realized your birthday is the day after mine! How cool!:)

  26. Haappy Late Birthday! I'm 17, although I'm going to be 18 in a few months (currently trying not to think about that). On my 17th birthday I was on a school trip and I fell off my bike and cut my knee. Not the best day.
    Shar@ Daylight Differentials

  27. I just turned 17 and yesss. This post was so great! <33

  28. Omg I loved the message ❤ I'm 17 too 😊 This was beautiful 💜


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